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Discover SolakGPT Ecosystem: where cutting-edge AI meets DeFi. Our game-changing AI browser and Solak DeFi platform redefine the digital landscape.

SolakGPT Ecosystem: where cutting-edge AI meets DeFi. Our game-changing AI browser and Solak DeFi platform redefine the digital landscape. Trade NFTs, stake, swap, borrow, and more on our integrated interface. Enjoy privacy and security while earning 10X rewards in SGPT tokens. With a one-time $20 fee, users can access a wealth of DeFi opportunities and even earn while browsing the internet. Plus, our Solak Liquid Staking lets you stake and withdraw from a liquid pool. Join us in shaping the future of finance and technology. Invest in SolakGPT today and unlock limitless potential

Connect SolakGPT AI tools to your Defi Platforms to maximize  crypto security from exploits, hacks   

Smart AI Tools

Smart AI tools that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to provide intelligent and automated solutions for various tasks. These tools are designed to use Defi without being worried of exploits or hackings, Smart Ai tool auto block phishing, Malwares, Honeypot Contracts

Browse To Earn

SolakGPT offers built-in feature that allow users to earn $SGPT Token while browsing the internet. SolakGPT browser provide an alternative way for users to monetize their online activities and engage with decentralized networks. Defi browsing users get more Rewards as compared to normal

Text to NFTs 

A groundbreaking platform that revolutionizes the world of digital art and expression. Our platform empowers users to transform their written words into unique, one-of-a-kind Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). our platform enables you to mint your text as NFTs, giving them a permanent digital presence and value.

One Time Yearly Fee 

s a DeFi trader, you frequently pay exorbitant fees for transactions on platforms like DeX, NFT Marketplace, etc. We plan to reduce such charges in a situation where you as a trader use all DeFi options like trade, swap, lend, and borrow for $20per year fees

Revenue Sharing

As a token holder of our native SGPT token, you become an integral part of our ecosystem. The $20 yearly subscription fee paid by users will be shared with SGPT token holders, providing you with a direct financial incentive. Benefit from the growth of SolakGPT

Liquid Staking (LSD)

Liquid staking provides several advantages. First, it increases the liquidity of staked assets, allowing users to access their funds when needed. This flexibility enables token holders to respond to market opportunities or unforeseen circumstances 

SolakGPT intends to generate its revenue through partnerships with other strategic investors/projects which may include advertising, Charging fee from subscription, Liquid Staking etc. These forms of revenue model provides a sustainable source of income for the company while also providing a seamless browsing experience and financial gain for its users and investors.


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